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Reaching our city for the cause of Christ

LBC's Outreach

Outreach is grounded in the very nature of the triune God and His eternal purpose, namely, to accomplish redemption for all people so that they may know and worship Him alone. Outreach is necessary because all people have sinned and must believe in Jesus Christ in order to be in relationship with God and saved from eternal death.

The ability and willingness to clearly and meaningfully proclaim the Gospel is an essential part of each Christian’s growth as a disciple of Christ.

The goal of Outreach is to faithfully seek the conversion of the unsaved in our community and facilitate their integration into the local church body. In pursuit of our Mission Statement, we will shape our involvement in reaching our local community around the following values:

Proclaiming the Gospel Clearly

Salvation comes by the hearing of the Word of Christ. Everything we do in Outreach should be done with the intention that it promotes opportunities (present or future) to share the Gospel.

Demonstrating Mercy with Intent

The church demonstrates concern for people through acts of mercy and service toward its members and the community. By provisions of mercy for those in need, the grace of God in Christ is practically demonstrated, often opening the door for the sharing of the Gospel. We will always seek to minister to both physical and spiritual needs when performing good works.

Relevantly Engaging the Unsaved

We will go out beyond the actual church building and engage the unsaved where they are, in a culturally relevant and attractive manner. Outreach Ministries consists of people who are using their time, talents, and treasures to help others come to know Christ.

Integrating the Newly Saved

Recognizing that the responsibility to "make disciples" does not end with conversion, we seek to provide appropriate teaching and relationship-building opportunities in order to facilitate a new believer’s smooth integration into the local church body.


7-11 Soulwinning

In the summer months, we have a wonderful opportunity to spread God’s saving gospel to the many people in our downtown area. Join us once a month as we go from 7 to 11 in the evening to witness.

Weekly Soulwinning

Throughout the week, our church has regularly scheduled times where we can go and win souls to Christ. As a child of God, we have a responsibility to share the wonderful gift of heaven to the lost world.

"The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise." - Provers 11:30

To find out about our Super Saturday events, please see our calendar.

Outreach Priorities

Our priority is to reach the unsaved in our community with the ultimate intention of making disciples and strengthening the local church. We seek to accomplish this by:

Awareness & Education

Our desire is that our congregation be informed, equipped, and engaged to reach out to those who don’t know Christ around them—either at work, at home, and in door-to-door confrontation.


In order for outreach to be effective the entire congregation needs to utilize their time, talents, and treasures to share the Gospel in their community.

Focused Involvement

We desire to be faithful to share the Gospel where God has placed us as a church. This means that we focus our efforts in Reno and where our members have a presence.


As people trust Christ, we desire to help them understand how they can grow in their faith and become part of Lighthouse Baptist Church.