Ministries /

To help people grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Ministry Statement

At Lighthouse, we want to create an environment in which a person can build quality relationships, participate in life changing Bible study and develop a lifestyle of reaching out to others.

Ministry Values

The following values guide the community-building, connecting ministries of Lighthouse:

We value Biblical community - fostered through small groups that develop and enrich community life among God’s people.

We value mutual assistance in facing life’s difficulties - assistance characterized by prayer, encouragement, counsel, and example so that the hardship grows into an opportunity to know the Lord and His love.

We value Spirit-led service - through the discovery, development, and utilization of spiritual gifts for each believer for the common good of the entire church family.

We value self-multiplying leaders - leaders who are following Christ wholeheartedly and are influencing others to follow Christ wholeheartedly too.

Our Ministries exist for...

CHRIST - to become the center of your affection.

CHRISTIANS - to become the center of your friendships.

CHRISTIANITY - to become the center of your life.

CHURCH - to become the center of your energies.

CROSS - to become the center of your message.